By Popular Demand…

11.18.10 7 years ago 35 Comments

Last night’s “Modern Family” (Season 2, Ep. 8: “Manny’s Got a Gun”) was another excellent episode, but discussion of characters and plot has never been my strong suit. No, if I have a strong suit, it’s definitely boobs. And Sofia Vergara wore a low-cut dress and did lots of running around, and that made for some titillating jiggling, and as we all know, titillating jiggling means animated GIF files.
So, this is my life, huh? Four years of studying history and political science at a top-tier university, and a military career that included the longest inland assault in Marine Corps history, and now I’m responsible for sharing pictures of jiggly boobs? Looks like all that hard work paid off.  Enjoy!

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