C-Tates Hosts “$NL,” Hilarity Does Not Ensue

02.06.12 6 years ago 17 Comments

Yo. A man taking his shirt off isn’t funny, at least by itself. There has to be another layer to the joke. For instance: a fat man taking his shirt off to have a Chippendales dance-off versus Patrick Swayze — now THAT’S funny. The writers forgot this rule for this weekend’s C-Tates-hosted “$NL,” in which the white stripper-turned-black actor bro took off his shirt four times, and we were treated to the worst episode of the season.

I don’t envy having to write for the “Step Up” star, whose range is limited to say the least, but couldn’t they have played around with C-Tates’ image a little bit? Instead, Tatum — who seemed energetic and perfectly willing to do whatever was asked of him; he was just waiting for the moment where he could spit some rhymes — was cast as an astronaut, a workout spokesman, a stripper, and an actor who’s famous for being shirtless a lot. (Also, can we stop making “Matthew McConaughey playing the bongos naked” jokes? That happened in 1999.)

The end result: a boring, lazy episode of “$NL.” But hey, at least Bon Iver was pretty good.

Interesting idea, terrible execution. Bobby Moynihan’s Newt Gingrich was barely an impression, and the only cast member who seemed to not be on cruise control was Bill Hader (though that’s true most of the time). I’m glad the writers tried something different than Jason Sudeikis as Mitt Romney staring into the screen for five minutes, but considering the sketch’s premise, it could have been a little weirder and heck of a lot better.

Yo’ boi C-Tates takes his shirt off to the delight of the audience — and the producers of >Magic Mike.

Early Sunday, Burnsy sent out this email:

Please point out how F-ing stupid and lazy it is for “SNL” to keep trying to make the Cee Lo Green talk show happen when they have the F-ing “Voice” and could be making fun of that instead, because it’s an actual show. The writing laziness hit a new low last night.

OK. It’s stupid for “SNL” to keep trying to make the Cee Lo Green talk show happen (I did like his self-description as a “little, bald chocolate gummy bear,” however). I’ve never disliked Kenan Thompson as much as some people do (probably because of fond memories of “All That”), but I’m beginning to see the haters’ point: “SNL” is supposed to be a training ground for new comedians, not a place where someone can stay for a decade, because they know they’ll have no career afterward. COUGHDARRELLHAMMONDCOUGH. Kenan’s been there for EIGHT SEASONS now, and it’s time for someone else to take his place.

Best sketch of the night. “Hot,” “Way Hot”, and…”The Other One.”

Toothless, but amusing, minus the “school bullying” line. It was a way of making fun of Lana Del Rey, by deflecting the criticism to “SNL” in general, without actually saying anything too cruel. (I also love the loud, obnoxious laugh from an audience member when Seth says, “Oh look, it’s Lana Del Rey!”)

Bubba Sparxxx must be pissed.

For the next TV Gourmet, I might try to make the Super Bowl Potty.

Jack & Jill > “Tom Brady & Janet.” Your response, Tom?

Well said.

I was DONE with this episode before “Strip Club” came on, and all ready to fast-forward right through it…until I skipped forward a minute and heard the Sandusky joke. With the exception of “Downton Abbey,” that was the hardest I laughed at anything all episode. It was so bad — and Sudeikis knew as much — that I found it extremely entertaining. I’d rather watch a train wreck with a midget stripper who looks like Hank Azaria humping Taran Killam than Getting Freaky with Cee Lo Green any day.

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