Here’s A Collection Of Matt Damon’s Most Popular YouTube Clips To Celebrate His Return To ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

02.05.14 4 years ago

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The next chapter of the Matt Damon/Jimmy Kimmel feud will unfold this Thursday as Matt Damon prepares to once again wreak havoc on Jimmy Kimmel Live. As noted last week, Damon will be bringing George Clooney, John Goodman and Bill Murray with him to promote Monuments Men — and no doubt torture Kimmel in the process.

With that much A-list talent on one show and a new edition of the popular Mean Tweets segment, there’s really no point in the other late night hosts even trying to compete. Go ahead and say goodbye a day early, Leno. All eyes will be on Operation Damon 2014.

In preparation for this glorious and internet-friendly late night event, it seems only fitting to take a look back at the man making it all possible with some of the great YouTube moments he’s given us over the years.

F*cking Matt Damon. Being dissed night after night by a noob talk show host can get to a man after a while. As I see it, Damon had two choices, go Jason Bourne or f*ck Kimmel’s girlfriend — Damon chose the latter.

Jimmy goes after Matt where it hurts. What goes around comes around and Kimmel fed Damon a taste of his own medicine.

Damon is still f*cking Sarah Silverman. And as long as the sun continues to shine and Sarah Silverman continues to be the filthiest/cutest female comedian, he always will be.

Damon does his Matthew McConaughey impression. With the roll Matthew McConaughey is on, it’s very likely we could see an acceptance speech that does involve him taking his shirt off.

“Scotty Doesn’t Know” Just catchy little tune about Matt Damon going behind a guy’s back and turning his girlfriend into a sex freak.

Matt Damon vs. Sarah Palin. Hey, remember when Sarah Palin had a shot at being the Vice President of the United States? Like many voters, Damon had some questions for her — mostly about dinosaurs.

Matt Damon’s not so impressive poker face. I’m not going to pretend like I know anything about poker, but damn, if Matt Damon didn’t make it look way cooler in Rounders. And c’mon, somebody give Ben Affleck some of that Jack Links beef jerky already, they guy just looks so sad.

Meyett Daymen from Team America: World Police. Probably Matt Damon’s greatest acting performance, at least in puppet form anyway.

Matt calls out Adrian Grenier’s bad acting. Even if this was a fake viral video as a promotional boost for the upcoming season of Entourage, Damon’s jabs at Adrian’s acting chops are pretty spot on.

You, Mr. Damon, are a gift to the internet.

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