Chalky White’s Children’s Books Are The Perfect X-Mas Gifts For The Little Sociopath In Your Family!

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12.19.13 3 Comments

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Michael K. Williams, a.k.a., Omar Little from The Wire, a.k.a., Chalky White from Boardwalk Empire is promoting a new series of children’s books, including The Littlest Bag of Heroin in Town, Klan Man, Klan Man, Where Are You?, Stumbly Wumbly Whore and Who Did Daddy Whack Today? They are the perfect way to introduce your children to HBO’s Boardwalk Empire and its finest character, Chalky White.

In the video below, Chalky White reads a sample from one of the books, and gently encourages you to purchase one (or more!) of these soon-to-be-holiday classics for the little learner in your life! “Seriously, you better buy the f**king book … It’s available at book and fine liquor stores.”


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