Channing Tatum’s Comedy Central Series Sounds Wonderfully Bonkers

03.31.16 12 months ago
channing tatum hail caesar

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Comedy Central announced its development slate for 2016-17 earlier today, including series pickups for Kevin Hart Presents: Hart of the City, in which the minuscule Central Intelligence star travels to different cities to check out the local comedy scene, and the Nick Swardson-starring Typical Rick, as well as specials for Jeff Ross, Pete Davidson, and Kurt Braunohler. The channel also revealed pilot orders for the much-hyped Untitled Jessica Williams Project, the Amy Schumer-produced Untitled Rachel Feinstein Project, and Germany.

Don’t let the simple title fool you (Untitled Germany Project is too sinister) — this animated show, starring Channing Tatum, sounds insane:

Germany (pilot presentation) – an animated series about a community of germs living in a Petri dish at the University of Berlin. Executive produced by and starring Channing Tatum, Germany explores the trials and tribulations of diverse microorganisms living in a microcosm of our world – complete with political scandals, climate change and vaccination deniers. Germany is a unique world in which both the laughter and the characters are contagious. The show was created by Aaron Karo and is also executive produced by Reid Carolin and Peter Kiernan.

Comedy Central has only given Germany a pilot presentation (unlike Will Ferrell, Adam McKay, and Olivia Wilde’s Best Seller, “set in the world of a third-rate home-shopping network,” which got a script deal), so there’s no telling if the series will ever make it to air. But if the similarly germ-themed Ozzy & Drix, based on Osmosis Jones, can air for two seasons, why not Germany? Only good things have come from people asking “why not Germany.”

(Via Deadline)

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