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“Two and a Half Assholes” star Charlie Sheen is launching a new line of retro/rockabilly/bowling shirts.  Target demographic: aging white males with a taste for tasteless sluts.  From the New York Daily News:

Agoya shell buttons, retro patterns and contrasting color combos make up the look of the tees. Want one? It’ll set you back anywhere from $59 to $79.

Sheen showed off his collection at the MAGIC tradeshow in Las Vegas Tuesday. “I love the look and feel of the DaVinci pieces,” he said in a statement. “The retro designs exude a sense of cool, smooth, yet effortless style.”

In a fitting twist, “cool, smooth, yet effortless” also describes Sheen’s methods for disposing of dead hookers’ bodies.  What a pro!  Where does he get all that lye?

[via The Hater and Videogum]

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