Stephen Colbert Is Counting On ‘Sexy Mugshot Guy’ Jeremy Meeks To Fix America’s Broken Prison System

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06.24.14 3 Comments

It’s been an eventful few days for Jeremy Meeks, the dreamboat of a felon whose mugshot has controversially captivated the (sexual) imaginations of ladies everywhere. Yesterday we learned that his wife is certainly not happy about his newfound internet heartthrob status.

But you know who is? Stephen Colbert.

This is about more than aesthetics. Sure, Colbert appreciates Meeks’ criminally good looks, but he’s optimistic that the mugshot can do more than just satisfy America’s hunger for sexually pleasing visuals — he thinks it can fix America’s broken prison system. Maybe he’s just blinded by the baby blue hotness radiating from Meeks’ eyes, but he’s got a theory. Hear him out.

(Colbert Nation)

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