Come for the Food…Yeah, That’s About Right

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12.01.11 13 Comments

What are the odds that the guy in the video below — who tells the Travel Channel that he “pleasures” himself once a week by eating his favorite burger, one that “comes in your mouth” as “one big explosion” — knew what he was sexually implying? There’s something undeniably phallic about describing food (“God, that tender piece of meat I devoured last night was so BIG and juicy”), so he probably realized he could be a double entendre-spewing smart ass on national TV and get away with it. You could even say he relished the opportunity, except don’t, because relish on a hamburger is disgusting.

Then again, his side-swept hair implies he’s humorless and likely part of some yacht club. Dude has no clue.

Thanks to Matt (not that Matt) for the tip

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