Coming This Fall: ‘Doctors With Guns’

08.18.10 7 years ago 6 Comments

I honestly don’t understand how people tolerate medical dramas on television. Crime dramas I can understand, because most people don’t see the day-to-day lives of criminals or cops. But we’ve ALL been to a hospital before; we should know that there isn’t some hotshot doctor who does things his own way or some sassy nurse who knows more than the brash young doctor. In reality, there’s just a tired Indian intern with no bedside manner and old people trying to stave off death.

That’s why I love the video below, called “Doctors with Guns.” It makes fun of all the tired tropes from medical dramas by giving the doctors guns. A couple samples of the dialog:

“How am I supposed to shoot the leukemia out of this woman with a shoddy Brazilian knock-off?”

“I’ll have you before the Medical, Firearm, and Tobacco Board!”

That’s good stuff. I’d rather watch this three-minute video 20 times in a row than any five minutes of a “Private Practice” episode.

[via Urlesque]

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