'Community' Season Finale Live Discussion With Jim Rash: Dean Pelton In the House

05.17.12 453 Comments

Well, this is it, fellow Human Beings. The third season of “Community” is coming to a close with a triple-dose of Greendale’s favorite study group (airing at 8, 9, and 9:30 EST), and I think it would be helpful to work through our feelings about it all by engaging in a rousing live discussion. So if any of you have things to say about this season, the finale, or ideas for next season (or if you just want creepily proposition Alison Brie like this guy), drop in and have at it starting at 7:30 Thursday night. NOTE: Any commenter who shares this post on Facebook or Twitter will receive this awesome anus badge. I mean, um, that sounded weird. But, still, the badge is pretty cool.

As an added bonus, we have some amazing guests joining us. First of all, “Community” star Jim Rash (Dean Pelton) will swinging by the discussion from 9-10 p.m. If you have any questions or comments for him, begin your comment with @JimRash and fire away. (I’m going to ask him 700 questions about the logistics of time hoodies.) Additionally, “Community” writer Steve Basilone will be dropping by from 7:30-8ish, and then again around 9:30. He co-wrote both the finale and this season’s “Regional Holiday Music,” so if you have any questions about any of that episode’s notable moments, he’s your man. This is shaping up to be really cool night around here, so I hope you’ll all join us.

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