Corgi Friday: My Tumblr Likes

08.26.11 6 years ago 7 Comments

There’s no theme to this week’s Corgi Friday, as I went a little above and beyond with the last two weeks — the one-year anniversary of CF and the massive collection of corgi GIFs, the latter of which is freshly updated with MORE CORGI GIFS.
But I think you’ll still enjoy this little collection: there are corgis in glasses, corgis on horses, fast-food corgis, corgi puppies, and more photos that I couldn’t help but press the “like” button on Tumblr. Have a great weekend, and watch out for hurricanes.
(banner image via poopster)

(via corgis inspired by corgis)
(via bunnyfood)
(via corgiaddict)
(flickr via cutecubed)
(via corgiaddict)
“I’ll have a corgi corgi, animal style, please.”
(via coopcooperberg)
(via izkyoot)
This puppy has almost a the same expression as the OMG Rage Face cartoon.
(via lolcreatures)
(a repost from RoboPanda’s turn at Corgi Friday)

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