Counterpoint: ‘Entourage’ Not That Bad

“Entourage” gets crapped on a lot around here.  Matt has written posts about the show having no plot, or Adrien Grenier being a pussy, or the entire cast and crew being sexist, handsy, harassy douchebags.  All certainly true.  It’s really not that good a show.  The characters haven’t developed at all over the entire arc of the show, and its writing is lazy and disgustingly formulaic.  In fact, I bet I could write a brief, typical “Entourage” exchange in the next 45 seconds.

(*interlocks fingers, cracks all knuckles at once*) (*pops collars, delivers epic Ice-bro to self*)

[Drama is leaving an audition for a re-imagining of Animal House.  Everyone is waiting for him because they don’t have jobs that require them to be there because life is awesome, brah]

E: How’d it go, Drama?

Drama: I’m freaking out, E!  This could be it.  I could be the next Belushi!

Turtle: Yeah, Jim Belushi [Turtle and E snicker]

Drama: Shut up, Turtle!

Vince [as though scolding a child]: Come on guys, leave Drama alone.  I think it’s very exciting.  It could be your Titanic, Johnny.

E: Yeah Drama, just like Titanic… the shipwreck, not the movie.

[all laugh, go get drinks, and find $10 million worth of diamonds the end]

(*extends open hand towards Hollywood*) WGA benefits and salary, please.  Wait.  I was supposed to be defending it.  Well, uh… Emmanuelle Chriqui is a hot piece (see above).  YOUR MOVE, UFFORD!

Hey, remember when she played Olivia Wilde’s lesbian lover on “The O.C.”?  Well there’s proof after the jump.


More pics of Emmanuelle Chriqui over at Guyism

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