Crime Victim Gets New TARDIS

07.13.11 6 years ago 15 Comments

In late June, an Oklahoma geek named Kaitlyn Iadevaia was the victim of nerdy crime when thieves stole the TARDIS bus stop Kaitlyn had built with her father (the TARDIS is the time-traveling phone booth employed by the protagonist in British dork favorite “Doctor Who”). News of the crime circulated around reddit, and do-gooding redditor Anthony Pego spearheaded an effort to build and deliver a new dorky “Doctor Who” bus stop for Kaitlyn. Watch the news report (which got Kaitlyn’s name wrong) below. The whole thing would be totally adorable if I didn’t have these urges to shove everyone involved inside a giant locker.

Fun fact: This isn’t Kaitlyn’s first brush with Internet fame. She was also the recipient of NBA star Blake Griffin’s old cell phone number.

[via badtvblog and theuniblog]

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