‘The Daily Show’ Tries To Make Sense Of Texas Students Fighting Open Carry Laws With Sex Toys

You might remember about a year ago when students at the University of Texas at Austin decided to protest Texas’ new open carry laws on college campuses by open carrying some big floppy dildos around for everybody to see. At least they were going to try to until they found out that the laws for open carry of sex toys were a little more strict than weapons.

That’s what attracted Roy Wood Jr. and The Daily Show to the town near the anniversary for the first protest, looking to get to the bottom of the “absurdity” and to help the latest protest get an upper hand. What he finds is some of that Daily Show interview magic we haven’t gotten much of in the Trevor Noah era of the show. At least it doesn’t seem like we’ve gotten a good interview subject who is completely unaware that they are on the negative side of The Daily Show’s story.

Either that or it’s scripted and open carry supporter C.J. Grisham was fed those lines about college students not being mature enough to carry sex toys with them in college.

Roy Wood decides to give the college students the edge by making it legal to carry a dildo around by turning it into a gun at the same time. It seems to work, but there’s also still open carry on campus. We did get one guy to almost admit the size of his penis on national television, so maybe that’s a small victory for the sex toy side.

(Via The Daily Show)

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