Dan Harmon's First Book Drops At Midnight, You Guys

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01.07.13 3 Comments

Jonesing for a Dan Harmon fix, beleaguered Community fans? Worried that the Harmon-less version of the show will pack too much “heart” and thus be devoid of the intelligent, biting wit the Harmon version of the show you’ve come to know and love packed in each episode? Well here’s something to soothe you over a bit, maybe: a Dan Harmon book! The title of which is: You’ll Be Perfect When You’re Dead: The Collected Online Writings of Dan Harmon.

Reports Splitsider:

The book, entitled You’ll Be Perfect When You’re Dead: The Collected Online Writings of Dan Harmon, was just announced as a surprise to fans yesterday by Harmon’s girlfriend Erin McGathy on Twitter and Reddit to coincide with the tour of Harmon’s live show “Harmontown.” It’s a 307-page book that will only be available for purchase on Harmontown.com tomorrow, 1/8/13, from 12AM to 11:59PST, or during stops on the Harmontown tour (if there are copies left). Only 900 copies of the first edition will be available, and they’re going for $24.95 + S&H (signed) or $15.95 + S&H (unsigned).

So what are you waiting for? Get Harmontown.com up and loaded to make your purchase at midnight! Or, you know, go read Harmon’s past blog entries.

(Via Splitsider)

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