David Letterman Was On Jimmy Kimmel's Dog-and-Pony Show

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11.01.12 17 Comments

Save for The Daily Show and Colbert, and Jimmy Fallon’s musical performances, and whatever viral videos Jimmy Kimmel spins out on a weekly basis, I don’t watch too much late-night anymore. I grew up on Dave, and right up until I had kids, I honest to God rarely missed a show. It was part of my morning routine: While the rest of America was eyeballing Matt Lauer, I was watching the previous night’s Letterman show. But now? It takes a lot more to draw me toward the late night shows. I do love it, however, when one host appears on another host’s show. There are few things as fun as seeing Jon Stewart on Dave, or Conan on Dave, or Dave on Conan, although you’ll notice that no one ever appears on Leno’s show. That’s because Leno is a weasel.

Anyway, Dave was on Kimmel last night, and Kimmel — who is filming in Brooklyn this week — adorably fawned over Dave almost as much as Jon Stewart typically does. It’s strange seeing Dave in the guest’s chair, and it has a way of making him look as old as he is (65). What was remarkable, however, was that Dave returned the admiration, a rarity for Dave. I don’t know what Kimmel’s response off-camera to Dave’s adulation was after the interview, but I suspect he has never felt as good as he did last night after the interview. Good for Kimmel. He (probably) deserves it.

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