‘Dips**t’ Ron Effing Swanson to Write an Episode of ‘Parks and Recreation’

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King Sepinwall, perched upon his throne in Castle Hitfix, had the great pleasure of interviewing “Parks and Recreation’s” Nick Offerman over the weekend, and as it turns out, Offerman is every bit as amusing as his “P&R” character, Ron Swanson. The big news to come out of the interview was the fact that Offerman was offered the opportunity to write an upcoming episode — the 18th of the season. How did that come about?

Mike [Schur, the “P&R” showrunner] asked me. We had lunch together this summer, and he asked me if I would like to write an episode. And as is my habit, I burst into explosive tears and said, “Absolutely, I would love to. Why in the world would you want me to write an episode?” It was so touching. He said, “Because I love making this show with you. I could go out and get some hotshot writer from one of my Ivy League wells that I draw from, but I’d rather have a dipsh*t like you.” And I was very touched.

Offerman didn’t reveal too many details about the episode he wrote, except to say that Aubrey Plaza’s character, April, will be “filthy and evil and everything I love to see her do.” However, he did say that his secret dream is to write an episode in which “Ron Swanson would end up in New York in a bare knuckle brawl with Jack Donaghy.” That would be perhaps the greatest television crossover since the cast of “Boy Meets World” got sucked into an episode of “Sabrina the Teenage Witch.”

Finally, this what Offerman had to say about the creation of 2011’s second greatest GIF (behind the Alison Brie running GIF): “Amy [Poehler], among her many moments of brilliance, one of them was just that: Tell everyone, ‘You’re sh*t-faced drunk on Snake Juice. Go.'”

This was the result:

It was also apparently Offerman’s idea to wear April’s hat in that scene.

(Source: Hitfix)

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