Discovery Gets High With ‘Weed Wars’

07.20.11 6 years ago 17 Comments

Today’s lamest headline is thanks to Discovery, which will soon announce a new docu-series called “Weed Wars,” featuring marijuana activist Steve DeAngelo and his work at the Oakland Harborside Health Center, the country’s largest pot dispensary.

The show will follow the journey of the plant from germination to harvesting to sales at Harborside, which has opened up a second location in San Jose despite “constant police monitoring and security sweeps,” says to the network. [EW]

So I guess the police sweeps are the “war” aspect of “Weed Wars”? It seems like every other reality show is some kind of war. “Storage Wars.” “Whale Wars.” “Cupcake Wars.” “Wedding Cake Wars.” The only war seems to be the one against irony. If TV networks named movies, The Social Network would have been called Friendship Wars.

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