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Discovery has ordered eight episodes of Airplane Repo, from Craig Piligian (exec. producer of Dirty Jobs).  The show follows Nick Popovich as he repossesses jets and helicopters from people behind on their payments.

Each episode shows the team planning the best approach for snatching a plane, then follows the group as they attempt the high-risk acquisition.

“There’s a lot of action, it has an element of danger and a lot of suspense, and there’s always a ticking clock,” Piligian said. “The show goes all over the world — Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Finland — anywhere there’s a plane, whether for an airline that goes bankrupt or some rich guy who hasn’t made his payments.” [The Live Feed]

Danger, suspense, and ticking clocks.  The life of a repo man is always intense.  I dig that.  Hey Popovich, let’s go do some crimes.  Yeah.  Let’s go get sushi and not pay.

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