Elizabeth Berkley Reenacted Her Greatest ‘Saved By The Bell’ Scene On ‘Dancing With The Stars’

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10.15.13 18 Comments

jesse spano dancing

Whoever decided that Elizabeth Berkley needed to stage a full-length dance routine inspired by her “I’M SO EXCITED” pill-popping freakout from Saved by the Bell needs a raise, like, now, because this is gold, Jerry, GOLD. (#90sreferences) It happened on last night’s Dancing with the Stars, as part of a “Most Memorable Year of My Life” theme, begging serious questions about what Berkley’s been doing the other 40 years of her life.

How would I describe the performance? Well, there’s spinning and, um, maybe even a little twirling and who am I kidding? Her dancing doesn’t matter in the least, not when there’s a bottle of JIVE PILLS around.

jive pills

In the NFL, getting caught with Jive Pills (side effect: serious case of Zack Attacks) carries a four-game suspension.

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