Ellie Kemper & Mindy Kaling Are the Most Beautiful

04.13.11 7 years ago 19 Comments

People Magazine’s “Most Beautiful” issue has always been a joke — part reach-around for the stars whose PR flacks give the magazine the best fodder, part pandering to the women who read it on the treadmill — and the sneak peek at this year’s edition is no different. Among the stars deemed “most beautiful” are tabloid headliners Katie Holmes, Jessica Simpson, Sandra Bullock, and Jennifer Lopez, charity cases like Dana Delany, and pretty boys Zac Efron and Ryan Reynolds.

But that’s not the point. The point is that “Office” stars Mindy Kaling and Ellie Kemper (both former interns for Conan O’Brien) are also on People’s list. Here’s their blurb:

Being book smart didn’t help Kemper, a Princeton grad, when it came to Beauty 101. “I have learned to moisturize,” the 30-year-old star of The Office tells PEOPLE of what she’s picked up from Hollywood. As for costar Kaling, the fellow Ivy Leaguer – a Dartmouth alum – is ready to embrace beauty over brains: “I identify as a comedy writer, so to get compliments on appearance, that’s the nicest compliment – to be shallow!”

Awww, c’mon People! These women went to Ivy League schools, became accomplished writers and actresses in one of TV’s most successful sitcoms — and they’re both perfectly attractive. Do we really need to blow smoke up their asses? The only thing that was keeping them grounded was their feeling of inferiority when compared to all the super-hot women in Los Angeles. Why, we were THIS close to giving Mindy an eating disorder!


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