Expect a ‘Lazy Sunday’ Sequel on ‘SNL’

Senior Pop Culture Editor
05.18.12 14 Comments

As previously discussed, this Saturday is likely Andy Samberg’s final episode of “SNL.” Therefore, it’s the final episode with a Digital Short, and it sounds like the Lonely Island is going out the same way they came in, assuming you don’t acknowledge the existence of “Lettuce,” the Isn’t Anything of “SNL” sketches.

Andy Samberg was spotted with Chris Parnell filming a segment for Saturday’s season finale outside Magnolia Bakery in NYC’s West Village. (Via)

First off, for all you New York City tourists out there: NEVER go to Magnolia Bakery. I’m sure Big Cupcake wouldn’t want this getting out, but their cupcakes are terrible. They’re so sugary, they actually hurt your teeth when you bite into them. Imagine some sort of drug-induced high, but instead of going from good euphoria to terrible after-effects, it’s ALL skin scratching and regret. But yeah, “Lazy Sunday: Part 2.” If they’re going to name drop another movie, I’d have to assume it’d be either The Avengers or Battleship. Unless it’s set in the future, and Snow White & the Bluntsman is already out. God I hope they’re better than that.

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