Expect Fewer Tyrion Lannister Quips In ‘Game Of Thrones’ Next Season

09.06.12 5 years ago 16 Comments

Game of Thrones writer Vanessa Taylor recently spoke about the show’s upcoming third season on Jeff Goldsmith’s Q&A podcast, specifically how viewers should expect something more cinematic and less “conventional” when the series returns not soon enough.

I’ve actually been learning a particular lesson this season. My bosses [Weiss and Benioff] seem to be becoming more visual storytellers. All of the episodes of the third season seem to open with a particularly cinematic opening. And they’re less about clever dialogue and transition and more about these huge cinematic…just the visuals of it all. And so I’m really learning a different way of writing from that. Because I think it’s quite subtle and I feel like, by contrast, the writing of the second season was a bit more conventional. (Via)

Yes, that episode with the multi-million dollar boat fight with wildfire, an imp cutting a dude’s leg off, a queen drinking herself stupid and talking about rape, and the prostitute talking to the girl who recently lost her dad because his head was chopped off was quite conventional. But point taken, Game of Thrones, assuming you leave at least a couple of Tyrion and Bronn back-and-forths. Or just give them a romantic spin-off series. Our Imp-ortant Year needs to be made. Dany can guest star as “Sexy Cheerleader #3.”

Also, here’s a photo of Peter Dinklage hanging out in a nightclub in Croatia:

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