Your Fake Girlfriend Cristin Milioti Was Arrested For Her ‘Drunk Personality’

02.13.14 3 years ago • 11 Comments

Cristin Milioti conan

While this season, and the three seasons before it, of How I Met Your Mother haven’t been very good, one bright spot has been Cristin Milioti, who plays the titular, yet otherwise nameless Mother. (My guess: Tedina.) She’s adorable personified, and way too good for Ted. He deserves someone more Oh, Honey…

Anyway, on last night’s Conan, Milioti said that after being cast on How I Met, she, a New York girl at heart, moved to Los Angeles. Her first night there, she got arrested because the cops thought she was drunk. Turns out, she only has a “drunk personality,” something the po-po learned the cute way when Milioti passed her DUI test by playing all of “American Pie” on her sticker-covered ukulele, probably.

Here’s more from Milioti, including what it’s like to slap Leonardo DiCaprio, that lucky girl.

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