ATTENTION: All Felicitys Must Play Housewife Assassins Now

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02.15.13 2 Comments

Apparently the Screen Actors Guild has a requirement that all of its members with ties to the name Felicity have to play a top-secret housewife assassin, because in addition to Keri Russell playing a KGB spy on FX’s The Americans, Felicity Huffman has been cast as one in Fox’s new pilot, Boomerang.

The show is about family that works as a hit squad for U.S. government. She’ll play the show’s female lead, Margie, the matriarch of the Hamilton clan, a “briskly professional assassin who can kill and dispose of a suspected terrorist in the afternoon — then switch to wife and mother mode without a hitch.” [EW]

You’re thinking what I’m thinking, right? A two-hour Felicity v. Felicity Assassin-Off? I mean, yeah, I know TECHNICALLY (a) The Americans is set in 1981 and this show appears to be set in the present-day, and (b) Keri Russell is playing a completely different, non-Felicity character named Elizabeth now, so the logistics on this one might be a little tricky. But I think it was Plato who famously said, “Hey, let’s not let a little thing like accuracy get in the way of two cold-blooded housewife assassins hunting each other like sharks in network primetime. I’ve got commercial breaks to fill. Now where’s my f-cking latte?”


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