Fleece Johnson, The ‘Lockup’ Booty Warrior, Is Up For Parole In September

08.25.15 2 years ago 34 Comments
Fleece Johnson Released


Not since the horrifying reign of the tossed salad man from HBO’s America Undercover and Chris Rock comedy routine fame, has a sexual predator struck fear in the hearts of men like Fleece Johnson.

If you’re unfamiliar with this walking Scared Straight field trip, a bit of background: Fleece gained national notoriety when, during an appearance on MSNBC’s prison reality show Lockup, he shared his love and appreciation for booty. By booty, he, of course, meant raping fellow prisoners using the threat of violence as tenderizing mallet, reducing hardened criminals to putty in his hands. Somehow, even after admitting to the aforementioned heinous acts with a sense of pride usually associated with painting one’s house or completing a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle, his charisma outweighed his sheer depravity, and he became a celebrity of sorts.

The clip of his appearance is remarkably quotable, disturbing, and yes, in its own way, darkly funny. The Boondocks even did their own animated take on the segment, further cementing Fleece as one of the strangest pop culture personalities in recent memory.

What’s no joke, however, is the fact that Fleece Johnson could be back on the streets very soon. That’s right, the Kentucky Booty Warrior was granted parole in late July and set to be released in September 2015, according to published info. Fleece professed to change his ways years ago, and I certainly hope that he’s been able to fully rehabilitate himself. But I would bet that some of the folks who laughed at him on TV will view him much less as a joke or an oddity, and much more of a threat in person.

Kids, pull up your pants and stay in school.

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