Watch News Anchors React In Horror After A Fox Affiliate Accidentally Shows A Penis On The Air

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03.18.14 49 Comments

YouTube / Fox 31

Let’s get this out of the way: The video below features an uncensored penis. So consider this NSFW and watch at your own discretion.

If you thought news anchors reacted to earthquakes with sheer horror, wait until you see the team at Fox 31 in Denver react when they accidentally put a penis on the screen.

As one anchor flips through photos on his iPad (apparently trying to supplement their Seattle helicopter crash coverage, he accidentally swipes to a shot of an uncensored wang. The mouths of his two female co-hosts hit the floor, while the fourth anchor doesn’t know what to do with his hands. So, pretty standard penis reactions, really.

But seriously, how did this random penis just sneak in there? Is this what happens when a state legalizes weed, as Colorado did recently? Surely someone smoking massive quantities of weed is the answer to this riddle, right?


Via HyperVocal. GIF via Buzzfeed.

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