Fox News Treated Caitlyn Jenner With The Amount Of Respect You’d Expect From Fox News

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06.02.15 64 Comments

Yesterday’s introduction of Caitlyn Jenner found much respect from the media. ESPN announced that Jenner will receive the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the ESPYs. News outlets handled the matter sensitively and with proper pronoun usage. Even TMZ, which usually kicks up tabloid-y waters, spoke of Jenner’s selected name spelling as an “extremely meaningful choice.”

Fox News did things differently, of course. Anchor Neil Cavuto introduced the report with a “What the HELL is going on?” and Dagen McDowell playfully admonished Cavuto before summarizing Caitlyn’s arrival as an attention-grabbing tactic: “He is the only person on earth who knows how to one-up his stepdaughter, Kim Kardashian.” McDowell misgendered Jenner and side-eyed her chosen name: “Bruce Jenner, leaving his male identity behind with Caitlyn, figured out how an interesting way to spell it, C-A-I-T-L-Y-N.”

McDowell then assured her audience that, yes, she knows the proper pronouns. But what about the fashion? “We’ll use female pronouns from now on, but what about the outfit? It’s a white satin corset. Very Playboy bunny-esque, is it not now?”

Cavuto concluded by welcoming guest Charles Payne as “Charlene Payne” and cracking a joke about how we’re living in “Rome, final days.”

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