France’s Talent: Stripping with Snakes

11.19.10 7 years ago 14 Comments

Below is a clip from France’s “Encroyable Talent” (English: “Incredible Talent”) in which a contestant’s “talent” is stripping with snakes (Her name is supposedly Priscilla Jones, but I hope we’re not so naive to believe that). She starts out with one snake, but that’s not enough, so she reaches into her box and pulls out a second snake. It’s like the Double Entendre Olympics.
Now, I fancy myself a connoisseur of exotic dancers, and to call Priscilla a “dancer” is far too generous: she’s on TV merely to take her clothes off in a suggestive manner while snakes writhe around on her. And the judges happily watch the entire performance without interrupting her. Because she is clearly an ARTIST.
Video below, followed by a fun slide show of the best screen caps. Be warned, some of this stuff is a little too sexy for work, but that’s French television for you.

Welcome to French television. It is far superior to American programming.
I like that there are judges for this. As if score cards are somehow more appropriate than dollar bills. Or euros, I suppose.
This guy likes it.
Art, yo.
Clever girl.
Congratulations, you took a talent show stage and turned it into a strip club. Madame, you are a hero. Please accept this Croix de Guerre.
Delightfully slutty. Your move, Brazil.
(via NJ Frogman)

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