Watch The Hyper-Intense Full-Length Trailer For Season 2 Of ‘House Of Cards’

01.06.14 5 Comments

Netflix just released the full-length trailer for Season 2 of House of Cards, which returns on February 14. Yes, it looks very intense, and, yes, Kevin Spacey will still be breaking the fourth wall quite often. Here’s the description from the YouTube page:

Frank’s rapid ascension to the heights of power means big changes for both him and Claire, but his sudden rise creates powerful enemies and the increasing chance that his dark secrets will be exposed.

There is but one rule: Hunt or be hunted.

Actually, there are three rules, if the trailer is to be believed.

  1. Hunt or be hunted.
  2. If you’re the freshly anointed Vice President and you are going to have a secret meeting in the bowels of the city subway system with your former lover slash media mouthpiece about a murder you may or may not have committed, wear a fedora and glasses so no one recognizes you.
  3. Always, alwaysalwaysalways, try to include a shot of a dog jumping into a pool when you’re promoting a prestige drama.

Important lessons, all.

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