Game Of Lulz: The Internet’s Best Reactions To This Week’s ‘Game Of Thrones’

Editorial Director
06.10.14 46 Comments

Look gang, nothing is going to top Bon Jovi meets climactic Game of Thrones scene. Let’s just get that out of the way now. There are some solid giggles that follow, but with the episode sticking to one action-packed setting this week’s installment doesn’t lend itself to as many of the diverse funnies. Mainly it’s a lot of Olly and DAT NOD. Not that I’m complaining. I love dat nod. I just want to be transparent.

I have a feeling the season finale installment will have a wee bit more material. Until then, please enjoy Alliser’s lasting management advice in motivational poster form…

A late most excellent addition from the comments.

And finally, these are old, but they would have never happened without Ygritte.

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