Amber Rose Transforms Into The Mother Of Dragons On ‘Dancing With The Stars’

By: 09.20.16

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The two weirdest things on television last night weren’t a boner truck killing Kristen Bell, or a CBS series about the death of JonBenét Ramsey airing in 2016. They both came from the same show, actually: ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry stretched the definition of “dancing” and “star” with his and Emma Slater’s choreographed routine to the Green Acres theme song. Then, to cash in on this whole Game of Thrones thing — I hear it’s pretty popular — Amber Rose and Maksim Chmerkovskiy performed a waltz while dressed as Daenerys Targaryen and Khal Drogo, respectively.

It’s… something! The whole thing is bathed in blood-soaked red light, and the couple are surrounded by fire. The best part is the finale, when Khal Drogo kneels to the ground to complete the dance with Dany towering above him. Also, Tom Bergeron makes a “Joffrey ballet” joke. Hopefully some HBO executive was watching, so we can finally get the “Game of Thrones Dance Dance Revolution” video game the world’s been craving for. Tyrion’s ready.


Rose and Chmerkovskiy scored a 24/40, with judge Len Goodman praising the routine for being “full of imagination.” They would have gotten a 40/40, but Rose unfortunately left her hired goons (dragons) at home.

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