This ‘Game Of Thrones’ Theory Suggests That Sansa Stark’s Next Husband Could Be Jon Snow

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10.03.16 4 Comments

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We’re getting far into uncharted territory with Game of Thrones, as the HBO show continues to push past the source material written by George R.R. Martin. But there’s more than enough depth to Martin’s work to keep fans guessing at what may happen next on the show based on a rogue paragraph in one of the books. In the latest example of this, some fans think they’ve figured out who Sansa Stark may marry sometime during the last two seasons of the show, and the evidence comes hidden in a short story from over ten years ago.

In 2005, George R.R. Martin released The Hedge Knight, the first of three short stories set in Westeros a hundred years before the events of Game of Thrones. The tale takes place at the Tourney of Ashford Meadow, where entrants compete to be one of five champions vying for the hand of Lord Ashford’s daughter. Game of Thrones book readers are an obsessive bunch and some of them noticed that the five champions at the end of the tournament line up rather well with the five houses that have and may vie for Sansa’s hand in marriage.


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