‘Game Of Thrones’ Star Maisie Williams Had The Perfect Reaction Vine To Sunday Night’s Episode

06.03.13 3 years ago • 64 Comments

Sorry we’re not sorry for all the Game of Thrones content today. Between what happened last night and the fact that there’s only one episode left this season — excuse me for a second…&&**&*&(&^&^^^&%$%t78***! — we’re fine with posting as much Red Wedding goodness (?) as Lord Frey has random granddaughters. Earlier, we passed along a supercut of reactions to THE SCENE, but everyone that was filmed? A bunch of nobodies. You know who’s a somebody? Arya Stark, or more specifically, actress/UPROXX friend Maisie Williams, who just uploaded a Vine that, to quote Dave Itzkoff, makes “all other #GameofThrones reaction videos [seem] superfluous.”

Meanwhile, Hot Pie’s looking at pie GIFs on Tumblr.

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