Why You Totally Need To See ‘It Follows’

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The new horror movie, "It Follows," Is getting a surprise wide release, and you should see it.

#The Walking Dead

Drinking Coffee And Killing Zombies With ‘The Walking Dead’s Michael Cudlitz

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Michael Cudlitz says 'The Walking Dead' season finale is extremely satisfying and sets up a new beginning for moving forward in Alexandria.

#Avengers: Age Of Ultron

This New ‘Avengers: Age Of Ultron’ Spot Is 15 Seconds Of Fights

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Want to see Captain America kick his shield into a killer robot? Sure you do!


Tony Romo Will Be Geek Supreme At The First Ever Fantasy Football Convention

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The convention is scheduled for July 10-12, 2015 in Las Vegas. What could possibly go wrong?

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Rumor: There’s A Very Special Item In Amanda Waller’s Trophy Case In ‘Suicide Squad’

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According to a new rumor, there may be something rather important to the DCCU handing out in Amanda Waller's trophy case in Suicide Squad.


Ben Affleck Slipped A ‘Batman’ Joke Into His Senate Testimony

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Ben Affleck testified to the Senate yesterday on his charity initiatives. He also took the opportunity to make a Batman joke on C-SPAN.


The Creators Of GTA Made A Kirby Title? The 7 Most Bizarre Games Nintendo Almost Released.

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Let's crack open Nintendo's vault and expose their wackiest games to the world.


Watch Two College Students Put Out A Fire Using Only Sound

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Seth Robertson and Viet Tran of George Mason University can put out a fire with just some bass.


Tank Girl Anniversary Edition Of The Funny, Sexy, And Awesome Cosplay Of The Week

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We're doing an all-Tank Girl edition of our cosplay of the week to celebrate the film's 20th anniversary and the comic book's return.

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‘I’m The Best': All The Times Tony Stark Made The Other Avengers Deal With It

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Iron Man is a great ally to have, but Tony Stark can be a real pain. Here's why he makes life so difficult in Avengers Tower.


Sony Plans To Make ‘Robotech’ Your Next Big ’80s-Nostalgia Film Franchise

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How did it take this long for Hollywood to get serious about making 'Robotech' movies?

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Finally, Hodor And Groot Throw Down In A Rap Battle

By | 4 Comments

Groot and Hodor go head to head in a rap battle for the ages.


That ‘Friday The 13th’ Found Footage Movie Will Answer Why Jason Is Unkillable

By | 50 Comments

Jason Voorhees cannot die. But apparently, that needs an explanation.


From Bionics To Brown Notes: All The Sloppy Fun Science In ‘Archer’ This Season

By | 10 Comments

Did you know that the Tunt Conservatory housed the world's largest collection of carnivorous plants? Ray's right arm knows.


Researchers Used A Protein From Squid To Create ‘Predator’-Like Camouflage

By | 7 Comments

Want to be invisible? A protein discovered in squid has been turned into a tape that will let you do just that.


New ‘Daredevil’ Photos Reveal Alliances Being Formed In Hell’s Kitchen


Marvel's Daredevil series for Netflix is nearly here, and some new photos are certainly making things interesting.

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