#Fantastic Four

A ‘Fantastic Four’ Video Explains Why The Thing Doesn’t Have Pants

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Why can we see The Thing's rocks? Let the military explain with a PowerPoint presentation!

#Channing Tatum

Report: Channing Tatum May Not Play Gambit After All

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Is Channing Tatum exiting the 'Gambit' film that his sexiness breathed life into?


Chris Pine Officially Signs On To Play Steve Trevor In ‘Wonder Woman’

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Pine is joining the DC Cinematic Universe, but not as the Green Lantern.


‘Daredevil’ Season Two Will Finally Feature Marvel’s Version Of The Punisher

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According to former showrunner Steven DeKnight, the new season of 'Daredevil' will feature the 'most Marvel version' of the Punisher yet.

call of duty: advanced warfare

Check Out The Gameplay Trailer For The Final ‘Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare’ DLC Pack


Get ready for one more dose of 'Advanced Warfare' before 'Black Ops III' shoves it out of the way.

Dragon Quest XI

Square Enix Unveils ‘Dragon Quest XI’ And Announces It Will Likely Come To The Nintendo NX

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The first game for Nintendo's next gaming machine has been unofficially announced.


Dear ‘Gotham': Stop Casting!

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'Gotham' has a sprawling season two coming up... but it'd be nice to know it was actually focused on its best characters.

#Street Fighter V

The ‘Street Fighter V’ Beta Was Such A Disaster That Capcom Shut It Down

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Fans who pre-ordered "Street Fighter V" for beta access were left disappointed after Capcom servers couldn't handle the crush of players.

#Star Wars: Rogue One

‘Sherlock’ Actor Jonathan Aris Set To Appear In ‘Star Wars: Rogue One’


According to the actor's Spotlight page, 'Sherlock's Jonathan Aris will appear in 'Star Wars: Rogue One.'


Scientist Suggest That, Oh, Sure, Sarcasm Is Totally A Boost To Your Creativity

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Scientists have discovered sarcasm, like, totally boosts your creativity. Honest. Really! Come back!

Batman: The Killing Joke

Mark Hamill Is Returning To Voice The Joker In The Animated ‘Batman: The Killing Joke’ Movie

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One of the best Jokers of all time is returning for one of the character's most iconic stories.

#Video Games

Kirby In A Realistic Game Engine Is Really, Really Creepy

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Kirby is adorable in clay or 8-bit graphics. In Unreal Engine 4? Not so much.


No, You Shouldn’t Be Worried About Artificially Intelligent Weapons

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Many smart people have signed an open letter asking the world to not build AI weapons. But that's not the AI issue that should worry us.

#Video Games

‘Fallout 4’s Limited Edition Is Out Of Units, Because They Can’t Make More Pip-Boys

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If you were hoping to get an official Pip-Boy for 'Fallout 4,' it's time to stalk eBay.

#Suicide Squad

‘Suicide Squad’ Set Photo Reveals Harley Quinn’s Origin Story

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An Instagram photo which was later deleted suggests which origin story Harley will have in 'Suicide Squad'.


Is Hugh Jackman Crowdsourcing The Plot For His Last Wolverine Film?

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It's more likely a fun interact-with-the-fans gimmick on Jackman's part, but I can't help being a little worried.