Gary Busey: ‘Donald Trump Would Be a Good President’

04.18.11 7 years ago 6 Comments


If you needed evidence that Donald Trump is a terrible choice for the Republican nomination for president, look no further: Gary Busey — who, sadly, was bumped off “The Celebrity Apprentice” last night — has declared that Trump would be “an absolutely good” president.

[Busey] said he would vote for Donald Trump, even though he fired him, because he “would be an absolutely good” president. “He knows about this country. He knows the situation we’re in now. I have great respect for sitting president Barack Obama. I will not dismiss that.” [USA Today]

Oh man. I’ve got an idea for a new show that we can add to Danger Guerrero’s list of pitches. Donald Trump declares his candidacy for president, and he names Busey as his top political adviser. THAT would make the 2012 election interesting. You just know that Busey wouldn’t rest until he locked down the llama vote.

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