Gary Busey Is the Best Contestant in ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ History

10.20.10 7 years ago 16 Comments


Do not be alarmed. This raving derelict waving pizza fliers at pedestrians is just Gary Busey hard at work in the newest edition of “Celebrity Apprentice.” Gawker says:

Busey was joined by former Sugar Ray singer Mark McGrath, rapperLil Jon, and washed up heartthrob David Cassidy at a pizza joint in the Village this afternoon as a part of some challenge for the show, which is currently filming in New York.

There are more pictures, and they’re all amazing. This one really captures his particular brand of crazy (click for larger):

Let’s see… disheveled hair — check. Second-hand suit from the ’70s — check. Shirt buttoned all the way up to the top button — check. Pants tucked into socks — check. And slip-on Converse All-Stars, because he’s not allowed to have laces any more. Also, I can’t decide if I want the can in his jacket pocket to be aerosol deodorant or spray paint. At this point he’s more wild animal than human. It’s like someone gave a bear opposable thumbs and told it not to attract attention.

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