Ghostfellas Reality Series Will Pit Guidos Against Ghosts. Seriously.

07.28.11 5 years ago • 13 Comments

Anthony DeVito is probably accustomed to casting notices for roles based on Italian stereotypes, but this one was so bad he couldn’t let it slide.  He posted a screencap of it on his Facebook with the caption, “This is real. I give the f-ck up.”   The casting notice was seeking white men aged 20 to 40 in New Jersey, New York, and Puerto Rico for a reality series called Ghostfellas.

Seeking real life tough guys, preferably Italian, but open to other types, who believe in ghosts, are fearless, and want to take on the most toughest/violent ghosts in the tri-state area for a new reality show.

We can see it now.  Fresh off a victorious ghost hunt in a Brooklyn pizzeria, their loyalty will be put to the test when they’re confronted with a situation which forces them to choose between ghost-hating or mob-respecting when they find what they believe might be the ghost of Lucky Luciano.  It’s their “most toughest” ghost yet in a pulse-pounding, canoli-stuffing season finale of Ghostfellas.

Also, this:

[Poster photoshopped by BestWeekEver. Hat tip: HuffPo]

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