Spoiler: A Major Character Was Written Out Of ‘Suits’ In Last Night’s Midseason Finale

USA Network

USA Network’s Suits aired its sixth midseason finale last night, capping off what has been a frustrating season, so far. The series had found a second wind in the back half of season five earlier this year, but showrunner Aaron Korsh swung for the fences in the finale and ended up hitting a dribbler back to the pitcher’s mound.

At the end of season five, the show had left Mike in prison, and Pearson Specter & Litt in tatters. However, the sixth season has had some difficulty sustaining much interest in Mike Ross’ prison storyline; those rarely work well because they separate characters from the main action (see also Justified, Empire, and Sons of Anarchy for recent examples). Suits thrives on the chemistry between Mike and Harvey, and they were not only separated for much of the season, when they were together, it was in a prison visiting room to work on a deal to get Mike out of prison that fell apart and had to be put back together an exhausting number of times. The prison storyline also saw a frustrating aborted arc with a therapist played by Malcolm-Jamal Warner.

Rick Hoffman was also stranded in a bad romantic storyline this season. His character, Louis Litt, evolved into something of an actual cuckold — he’s now engaged to a woman who is pregnant with another man’s baby, after he wooed his would-be fiancée out of a polyamorous relationship. What?

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