‘Breaking Amish’ Star Kate Stoltz Doesn’t Look All That Amish Anymore

02.24.14 4 years ago 22 Comments
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If you’ve ever watched Breaking Amish, you would’ve noticed that the one girl on it is super attractive, but she’s Amish so you’re out of luck, pervert. But, it turns out she hung up her old Amish clothing for a much better set of clothes! Yay! Via New York Post:

Raised Amish, Kate Stoltz (née Stoltzfus) left her insular Pennsylvania community for New York in 2012 to film the TLC reality show “Breaking Amish.” Since then, she’s moved to the Big Apple full time and been snapped up by Major Model Management. Last July, the 23-year-old posed in midriff-baring tops and short shorts for Maxim.

Hmm, it can’t be that big of a transformation, could it?

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Whoa. Yeah, I think I like this look a whole lot more. How are her parents handling the news? I picture it like the movie Kingpin, probably.

“They know what I am doing but they … avoid the subject,” adds Stoltz,who made her New York Fashion Week debut two weeks ago modeling Cesar Galindo’s designs. Not that modeling is all she wants to do: She also hopes to pursue a business degree.(Stoltz has her GRE.)

Parents avoiding the subject. No matter where you come from, parents avoiding the subject is universal. ISN’T THAT RIGHT, DAD!? It’s always a welcome sight when a gorgeous Amish girl finds her way to lingerie and a camera. That’s the American way!

Via NY Post

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