‘Glee’ Just Got Sexy

10.20.10 7 years ago 24 Comments

The stars of “Glee” are on the cover of the newest GQ, and I’d just like to say HELLLLOOOOOOOO to Lea Michele. And also a polite “Hi” to Diana Agron. Cory Monteith… you aren’t needed here. Go sit in the corner.

It would be easy to make fun of purported men’s publication GQ for putting “Glee” — probably the primetime network show least targeted to grown men — on the cover, especially considering that the “GLEE GONE WILD!” tag line was used on the cover of last week’s In Touch Magazine. But I’m not going to do that. I wouldn’t want to seem ungrateful.

(Images are high-resolution; after clicking on the thumbnails, right-click and select “view image” for full size. Photo credit: world-class pervert Terry Richardson. GQ article here. More delightful photos here.)

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