Glenn Beck’s Response To Geraldo’s Selfie Was… Funny?

Glenn Beck in the bathroom 2

Yesterday, my esteemed colleague Josh “Thunder” Kurp brought us the story about how Geraldo Rivera thought that people on Twitter want to see a 70-year old man wearing nothing but a towel. Even though the Tweet has since been deleted, I’m still not trying to knock a guy for showing off the results of his awesome fitness routine, but there are ways that he could do it without almost displaying the babymaker to thousands and thousands of his followers.

Geraldo’s former Fox News colleague, Glenn Beck, definitely agreed with that assessment, as he Tweeted out his own playful reaction to Geraldo’s semi-nude selfie. Invoking his inner Joey Tribbiani, Beck decided that the opposite of wearing just a towel is wearing a ton of clothes and a towel. Either way, his followers absolutely loved it.

Glenn Beck in the bathroom

Beck 1

Beck 2

Beck 3

Beck 4

Beck 5

Funny or not, look at that bathroom! Say what you want about the guy – that he’s the media’s greatest troll and profits on exploiting fears or he’s the fresh voice that the many people in this country desperately need – but the guy knows how to design a bathroom. I wonder if the Mercedes he asked his listeners to pay for in 2003 was that nice.

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