The Best Of 'It's Always Sunny's' Glenn Howerton's Reddit AMA

FX Season Premiere Screenings For "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" And "The League"

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Glenn Howerton of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is at SXSW to promote his first feature film, The Wilderness of James, so he took some time out of his busy schedule to check in with Reddit to answer fan questions.

Here’s some highlights — everything from insights into Season 10 (!!!!!) which will be back later this year, why Aaron Paul won’t be making a cameo, to the possibility of the Always Sunny cast showing up on an episode of Game of Thrones. Let’s jump in!

How did you guys come up with possibly the greatest piece of musical history ‘Dayman Nightman’? And how long did it take?

Well, the ‘Ahhhhhh’ part was kind of a riff on Queen’s Flash Gordon theme song. And I had recently been playing a few live shows with my friend Sam Witwer’s band The Crashtones, and we opened every show with the Flash Gordon theme song, so it was fresh in my head.

Originally, the Dayman Nightman thing was just one really silly joke in an episode that we never in a million years thought would be that interesting to people. And then it just took off.


what’s charlie day like in real life??

Funniest man I’ve ever met.


Since the Game of Thrones writers wrote an episode with you guys, can we expect to see Dennis and Mac fight fro the Iron Throne in this GOT season?

They asked us if we wanted to be in an episode.

They offered us the opportunity to go and shoot something with them. Basically they said “if you guys want to do the show, we’ll write something in there.” We just never have time to do it.

Please do it. The golden god needs to get the throne

Oh my god, that’s amazing.

Do you want to see the Golden God ascend the throne? Tweet at HBO that you want me to get the throne!


What are your plans for the future of Always Sunny?

To only stop making it when they make me.


Would you like to/have you any plans to take the gang to another location for an episode of Sunny? I very much liked the Jersey Shore episode and would love to see the proprietors of the Irish pub…in Ireland.

P.S. Thank you for co-making the show. It’s awesome and I love it.

Thank you! And I will say that in season 10, you will see our characters on an airplane.


Is there a G.L.E.N.N. system? If so, can you enlighten us?

I get this all the time.






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