Good News and Bad News.

03.22.11 7 years ago 32 Comments

The good news is that NBC is pulling the execrable “Perfect Couples” from its Thursday night comedy block. The bad news is that it’s being replaced by Paul Reiser’s long-shelved sitcom, “The Paul Reiser Show.”

NBC’s The Paul Reiser Show has the actor playing a version of himself and replaces the struggling Couples on the network’s Thursday lineup at 8:30 p.m. NBC is yanking the Couples… with at least two episodes left in the can — which you can pretty much bet means the show is canceled.

The single-camera comedy from Reiser and Jonathan Shapiro (Life) has Reiser playing “Paul Reiser.” It’s been a few years after his TV show left primetime and Reiser lives with his wife (Amy Landecker) and kids and hangs out with a new group of fellow local dads. [EW]

Say what you will about “Perfect Couples” — its jokes fell flat, the relationships were two-dimensional, none of the characters’ friendships were remotely believable — but at least it gave us an occasional glimpse of Olivia Munn’s cleavage. That’s automatically a step up from “The Paul Reiser Show,” which is just going to be 22 minutes of the same boob. I’m more likely to laugh at news of my mother’s death than anything Paul Reiser does. I mean, who knows? Maybe my mom will break her neck on a unicycle at clown college.

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