The Guy Who Solved That Ridiculous 'Wheel Of Fortune' Final Puzzle Explains How He Did It

03.21.14 4 years ago 13 Comments

Emil de Leon, the Wheel of Fortune contestant responsible for the most improbable final puzzle solve in history, appeared on Ellen yesterday to explain himself. I say “explain himself” instead of “tell everyone how he came up with ‘New Baby Buggy’ despite only having the N and E on the board” because I have chosen to operate under the presumption that he is a wizard, and it’s going to take a very strong case to convince me otherwise. Let’s see what he’s got.

It’s all in the first letters: R-S-T-L-N-E. They showed up, the N and the E. It’s pretty obvious the first word was new. Then worked on baby. It just sounds right, right? “New baby?” The hard part was “buggy.” I worked with that B again, and, yeah, so…

Nope. Still think he’s a wizard. In fact, to illustrate how improbable a solve “New Baby Buggy” was, let’s put five minutes on the clock and see how many things I would have come up with before I got to that, without taking into account the letters that were already off the board, because there’s no way I would have been able make that distinction on the clock under the hot lights.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand go:

  • New Judo Moves
  • New York Ninja
  • New York Times
  • Neg Sexy Babes
  • New Army Boots
  • New Taco Truck
  • New LEGO Movie
  • New Evil Robot
  • New Huge Laser
  • New Dido Songs
  • NES Game Zelda
  • New Pope Party
  • New Blue Jeans
  • New Baby Bunny
  • New Nazi Dance
  • New Beer Koozy
  • New Meat Pizza
  • New Frog Queen
  • Net Wifi Thief
  • New Bank Heist
  • New Girl Sucks (NOTE: I do not think this, but it would be hilarious if Wheel started using its final puzzle to take mean shots at sitcoms.)
  • Ned Lost Maude
  • New Crap Stick
  • New F*ck Buddy
  • New Cool Dunks
  • New Pink Tiger
  • New Lice Combs
  • New Fred Claus
  • New Duck Suits
  • New Punk Pants
  • New Jump Ropes
  • New Funk Class
  • New Ohio Rebel
  • New Jazz Clubs
  • New Fart Kazoo

Feel free to use any of those as names for your band or craft beer.

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