Haley Joel Osment Is Transforming Into Al Borland From ‘Home Improvement’

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03.23.14 12 Comments
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I feel bad saying it, but Haley Joel Osment is just the weirdest looking person. I don’t know if it’s that he’s just a weird-looking person in general or that it seems weird to see that little boy face crammed into such an awkward-looking adult man, but either way: Totally weird.

So I’m not sure if throwing a beard into the equation is a good or a bad thing. One thing is for certain, according to this Reddit user who made the amazing connection, it makes him a dead ringer for Richard “Al Borland” Karn (Also, Richard “Subpar Family Feud Host” Karn). I wonder how he does with a circular saw?

Also, true story, until now for some reason I thought that Richard Karn had died — and that’s not a joke, I really thought that — but according to IMDB he’s alive and healthy with two TV movies in post-production, A Daughter’s Nightmare and A Dog for Christmas. So, go Richard Karn on being alive and everything! Can’t wait to check out that Christmas dog movie.

(Via Reddit)

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