'Hannibal' Gets The 'Arrested Development' Intro Treatment Just In Time For The Season Finale

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06.20.13 20 Comments


The first season of NBC’s best new drama, Hannibal, comes to a close tonight, and thankfully — while we’re losing sleep thinking about who was in the sorbet — we won’t be losing any sleep over its return next season. Even the Peacock managed to not to muck this one up, pulling the season two trigger weeks prior to the S1 finale and allowing more viewers to hop on without fear of cancellation.

Will all this in mind, please enjoy some glorious internet levity by SafetyWhales on an emotional day around these parts, complete with follow up GIFs via Buzzfeed after the jump. Sure, the TV show opening credits mashup thing is past its internet heyday, but I’m a sucker for the seamlessly edited ones, especially when it blends things I really like, which reminds me I haven’t even gotten into the different instruments used for each character intro in the new Arrested Development season. Oh well, another post for another day. BLOCK BLOCK.








It’s actually Hugh “Dancy” but the “his psychiatrist’s psychiatrist” totally makes up for the one miscue.

SafetyWhales via Buzzfeed

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