The Heisenberg Mask Bryan Cranston Wore To Comic-Con Can Be Yours For The Low, Low Price Of Over $30,000

09.26.13 4 Comments


Perhaps you remember a few months ago when Bryan Cranston showed up to Comic-Con in a very creepy, very lifelike Heisenberg mask and walked around the floor taking pictures with unsuspecting attendees. It was terrific. You should definitely remember. And now there’s more terrific news: The creator of the mask, Landon Meier, has put it up on Ebay. It can be yours! If you have some as-yet-unidentified figure north of $30,000 in disposable cash floating around!

“Hold on,” you say. “Hooooooold on. Someone already bid $30,000 for that mask? Doesn’t that seem a little ridiculous?”

Well, maybe. But have you considered this?

“Mask was worn by Bryan Cranston and whoever else Bryan allowed to wear, (i.e.) Jimmy Fallon and Rapper/actor, Common. Mask was made-out with by Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul. In perfect condition other than a little celebrity spit and sweat.”

So there you have it. If you’re in the market for a latex Walter White mask that costs dozens of thousands of dollars and was smooched by Aaron Paul, today is your lucky day.

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