‘Hemlock Grave’ Trailer: Prepare To Lose Another Weekend To A Netflix Marathon

03.07.13 5 years ago 20 Comments

It’s not gotten nearly the attention that House of Cards got last month, or that Arrested Development is getting for its release in May, but Netflix has another original series coming out in April, and like those other two series, all 13 episodes are being released simultaneously. Hemlock Grove comes from producer Eli Roth (Grindhouse, Cabin Fever), who directed the pilot and the last two episodes. The series is about a young girl, who is brutally murdered and found near the former Godfrey steel mill. Suspicions land on two Peter Rumancek, a 17-year-old Gypsy trailer trash kid rumored to be a werewolf, and Roman, the heir to the Godfrey estate. Those two decide to find the killer themselves.

It’s got a solid cast: Famke Janssen, Lili Taylor, and Dougray Scott (what happened to that guy?) star in the series, which premieres on April 19th. Like the $100 million House of Cards, Netflix also has a lot riding on Hemlock Grove after putting down $45 million for this series. It’s going to take a lot of subscriptions to earn back those budgets. Below, we have the first trailer for the series, as well as the poster via EW.

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