Here's Liza Minnelli Sounding Crazy

10.08.10 7 years ago 8 Comments

Liza Minnelli was a guest on Larry king earlier this week, which had to be the oldest hour of television since “Matlock” went off the air. And this video of highlights (made by Rich at fourfour) captures all the charm of an old lady on what must be a fantastic array of prescription medication. I especially enjoyed this quote:

I was born… in the land of dreams.

I get the feeling that she wasn’t being poetic or metaphorical. She probably just watched Inception earlier that week.

Anyway, it’s a fun set of clips that makes Andy Rooney look coherent and analytical. Oh man, now THAT is a TV show I’d watch: a Larry King-Liza Minnelli-Andy Rooney roundtable. I would pay money to watch movie stars come on that show and wear a pained smile while they tried to plug their movies during a sidebar about figs.

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